Nyalkaran Using Shaping Future Technologies

High Quality PV Modules

Nyalkaran Energy is manufacturing the high quality of PV modules which are made of MONO PERC and Poly crystalline (DCR and Non DCR) solar cells. Nyalkaran Energy solar PV modules manufacturing in Morbi as per the MNRE guidelines and also having the National and International certicates which include BIS, IEC, ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, TUV . The current capacity of Nyalkaran Energy is 75MW and the global PV market has continued to grow 30% annually.

High Efficient PV Modules

We provides standard and customized high quality and better efcient PV modules within the range of 155W to 395W. The company being a manufacturer of solar modules, it follows regress quality checks. The solar modules manufactured by Nyalkaran Energy are having life cycle of more than 25 years as its production is executed via various qualities checking process. We are continually looking for qualied people with innovative, entrepreneurial minds and passion for solar energy to join our team and make a greener future.

Steps to Manufacture Monocrystalline PV Cells

  • Silica sand is purified to 99% silicon using the CAW process
  • The 99% silicon is further refined close to 100% pure silicon
  • The silicon is doped with boron or phosphorous (P or N type)
  • The doped silicon is melted and extracted into a single ingot
  • The round ingot is diamond wire-cut into thin square wafers
  • The thin wafers are coated with a thin layer of either P or N-type to form the PN-junction
  • Fine metallic fingers are screen printed onto the cells
  • Flat ribbon busbars (as shown) or thin wire (MBB) busbars are added